Leif's forge page

Welcome to my forge page

Hi! My name is Leif Erling Svendsen I am an amateur bladesmith and knifemaker from Tromsø in Norway. I have been making knives since 1997 and I forged my first blades in 1999. I can honestly say that there's not a single aspect of the crafts that does not interrest me, I enjoy combining traditions and techniques to make the best and most beautiful blades and knives I can imagine.


On this site I will try to make a presentation of my work in the gallery section and of some of the techniques I use in the tutorials section. To get started in crafts everyone needs a good book, that's why I decided to recommend some of my favorites to you. The internet is also full of great sites about the crafts made by artists with skills that surpass mine by thousands, it can also be quite tricky getting the right supplies at times, that's why I thought a rather juicy links section could be useful to you.

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